+ 100 creative territories transformed

We occupy and transform territories into environments desired by creative people, generating value, income and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, we have creativity as a pillar, which allows us to go beyond conventional thinking and make impactful decisions.

+ 2000 enhanced artists

Festivals, musical shows, themed events, creative fairs and creative occupations in general are spaces and ways to enhance artists and the music production chain.

+ 1000 cultural projects executed

Through LB Produções, with its history of over 10 years of operation and co-creation with strategic partners, cultural projects based on creativity and sustainability, operating in the cities of São Paulo, Recife and Bahia.

+ 3000 creative businesses boosted

Movement of creative entrepreneurs, based on collaborative constructions, whose mission is to identify, recognize, map, value, boost and strengthen creative businesses in the Northeast, especially small entrepreneurs, who use creativity as a tool for differentiation and income generation.

+ 1000 trained and qualified entrepreneurs

Coreto de Ideias consists of an itinerant consultancy structure in Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship. With the main focus being Creative Fairs and Collaborative Stores that take place in the interior of the state, the target audience is exhibitors, artists and small entrepreneurs.

+ 500 thousand people impacted

Creative economy festival that has been valuing the creativity of creative brands from the Northeast for 8 years and occupies public spaces with music, art, gastronomy, fashion, design, sustainability, children’s programming and lots of diversity.

+ 150 Circular Economy Specialists

The “If Not Now, When?” – Domo Podcast stage, which took place live, seeks to draw attention to the urgency of adopting sustainable and conscious practices in relation to the consumption and disposal of materials, in addition to focusing on topics linked to the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. With the presence of experts […]

+ 130 hours of content on Circular Economy

Based on the collective question of the Reinventing Futures Movement: “If not now, when?”, the event was born with the proposal of being an annual meeting to promote discursive and creative environments, intertwining public, private, community and academic powers, with the support of national players and specialists committed to expanding the strategy of raising awareness […]

1st Northeast Circular Economy Forum – Salvador

The result of a collaborative curation, which builds a diverse, open and multigenerational program, FNEC brought together over 300 experts and has support and partnerships, such as Consórcio Nordeste, Movimento Circular, Ideia Circular, Salvador Bahia Airport and Exchange 4Change and Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, bringing the power of creativity as the main accelerating banner for […]