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Movement dedicated to reinventing paths and ways of acting in the PRESENT, to minimize the impacts that are already in the FUTURE account.

How we operate

We build solutions through ART EDUCATION projects, promotion of PUBLIC POLICIES, promotion of CULTURE as a tool for transformation, strategic COLLABORATION and community ENGAGEMENT.


Positive impacts

1st Northeast Circular Economy Forum – Salvador

The result of a collaborative curation, which builds a diverse, open and multigenerational program, FNEC brought together over 300 experts and has support and partnerships, such as Consórcio Nordeste, Movimento Circular, Ideia Circular, Salvador Bahia Airport and Exchange 4Change and Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, bringing the power of creativity as the main accelerating banner for this transition of views and actions in the economy.

+ 130 hours of content on Circular Economy

Based on the collective question of the Reinventing Futures Movement: “If not now, when?”, the event was born with the proposal of being an annual meeting to promote discursive and creative environments, intertwining public, private, community and academic powers, with the support of national players and specialists committed to expanding the strategy of raising awareness among political leaders about the urgency of global impacts. Find out more at

+ 150 Circular Economy Specialists

The “If Not Now, When?” – Domo Podcast stage, which took place live, seeks to draw attention to the urgency of adopting sustainable and conscious practices in relation to the consumption and disposal of materials, in addition to focusing on topics linked to the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. With the presence of experts and representatives from the sector, the project aims to encourage reflection on the need for behavioral change, dissemination of best practices and sharing of knowledge.

+ 500 thousand people impacted

Creative economy festival that has been valuing the creativity of creative brands from the Northeast for 8 years and occupies public spaces with music, art, gastronomy, fashion, design, sustainability, children’s programming and lots of diversity.

+ 1000 trained and qualified entrepreneurs

Coreto de Ideias consists of an itinerant consultancy structure in Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship. With the main focus being Creative Fairs and Collaborative Stores that take place in the interior of the state, the target audience is exhibitors, artists and small entrepreneurs.

+ 3000 creative businesses boosted

Movement of creative entrepreneurs, based on collaborative constructions, whose mission is to identify, recognize, map, value, boost and strengthen creative businesses in the Northeast, especially small entrepreneurs, who use creativity as a tool for differentiation and income generation.

+ 1000 cultural projects executed

Through LB Produções, with its history of over 10 years of operation and co-creation with strategic partners, cultural projects based on creativity and sustainability, operating in the cities of São Paulo, Recife and Bahia.

+ 2000 enhanced artists

Festivals, musical shows, themed events, creative fairs and creative occupations in general are spaces and ways to enhance artists and the music production chain.

+ 100 creative territories transformed

We occupy and transform territories into environments desired by creative people, generating value, income and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, we have creativity as a pillar, which allows us to go beyond conventional thinking and make impactful decisions.


More than ever, we need to form conscious and active citizens who can contribute positively to their communities.

Citizenship education instills a sense of social responsibility, promoting respect for human rights, equality and justice.

The Movement is endorsed by the Harassment Free Platform and counts on its support to promote civic education.


This approach breaks with the linear model of learning, encouraging students and society to think in a systemic and interconnected way. Circular education emphasizes sustainability, the recycling of ideas and the constant evolution of knowledge.


Creativity is the driving force behind innovation and progress. By fostering creative education, we are empowering students to think outside the box, solve problems in new and innovative ways, and create value in all spheres of life.

We create and collaborate on creative projects in the most different sectors of the Creative Economy: visual arts, plastic arts, graffiti, music, dance, theater, design, crafts, literature, comics, audiovisual and fashion.


Crucial element for the integral formation of the individual. It aims to cultivate resilience, empathy and the ability to self-care in students and society in general.

This pillar of education recognizes that we all carry wounds – whether they are physical, emotional or psychological – and that learning can be a healing process.

We create and collaborate on projects that promote women’s health, well-being, self-knowledge, courage and resilience skills.

Movement Strategies

We are in the media


Expedition Reinventing Futures

The Expedition Reinventing Futures is a journey of discovery and transformation. We will bring knowledge and inspiration to regions across Brazil, exploring the infinite possibilities of the circular and creative economy and entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

Congress Zero Waste Cities

The event aims to present the best practices from five continents with the most advanced technologies in waste management, innovative management, sustainability in industry for the country's sustainable development and economically attractive solutions, which are in line with the National Solid Waste Policy ( PNRS) with responsibility and efficiency.

Tide of Change - Decade of the oceans

Tide of Changes is an interactive, technological, creative and sustainable exhibition, we will promote knowledge about threats and encourage individual and collective actions towards the conservation of natural treasures. Launch in Salvador, June 8th.

Northeast Circular Economy Forum

The FNEC will give the public the opportunity to experience projects and experiences that can be applied, in practice, from the perspective of the strategic concepts of the Circular Economy. Debates such as: Circular Education: Preparing the current Generation for a more Sustainable Future, The ability to transform scarcity into creativity, always present in Brazilian history, National Solid Waste Policy: overview in the northeastern scenario, Circular Economy: A Vital Tool in the Fight Against Climate Change, Global Governance and international regimes for circularity, Sustainability 360: Integrating the Environment and Business, among other topics.

Colorful diverse people crowd abstract art seamless pattern. Multi-ethnic community, big cultural diversity group background illustration in modern collage painting style.

Human, Creative and Diverse Connections Exhibition

Multisensory experiences that invite the public to explore ways of connecting between diverse people, strengthening and promoting affirmative narratives about Diversity, Inclusion, Culture of Peace and Freedom from Harassment, through art and the appreciation of different cultures, races, experiences and stories of life. Launch in August 2024.

Female Resilience Journey

Creative immersion for women, lasting two days and with a total workload of 18 hours of activities, to develop resilience skills: courage, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurship and female empowerment.

Collective construction of specialists

liu berman

Liu Berman - Leadership and Social Communication

Specialist in Creative and Sustainable Territories and national reference in Creative, Circular Economy and Collaborative Management, over the last fifteen years she has been at the forefront of creative and collaborative movements focused on generating value and income for national creative entrepreneurship.

breno barreto

Breno Barretto - IDI President and CEO of Coreto Criativo

Professional with 22 years of experience in the cultural market of Salvador. He worked in several cultural areas, standing out as a corporate project manager, serving Petrobras and Bahiatursa. He participated in important moments in the careers of artists such as Mariene de Castro, Rafael Pondé and Pablo Grotto, in addition to producing shows for artists such as: Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, Lenine, Margareth Menezes, Móveis Colonial de Acaju, Lampirônicos, among others. He was responsible for several cultural projects such as: Coreto Hype, Festival Hype, Mutirão Mete Mão. In 2023, he founded and presides over the IDI Institute, a non-governmental organization that promotes the Circular, Creative and Cultural Economy.


Duda - Artivist, Singer and Composer

For almost 30 years he was leader of the band Diamba, artist, singer and composer, with 5 albums recorded independently, 15 editions of the biggest music festival in the northeast, Festival de Verão Salvador, the only reggae singer from Salvador to participate in the recording of the DVD Natiruts Reggae Brasil, the only Brazilian artist to participate in the show by the Jamaican group The Wailers in 2015. A highlight for his compositions: a large part of Diamba's compositions over these 28 years are the artist's compositions. The song "Loucura Maior" performed by Saulo Fernandes, broke new ground in the music market and Caribean Nights performed by Alexandre Carlo from Natiruts, is being played on all radio stations in the country.

joana marambaia

Joana Marambaia - CEO of Gabiroba and Leadership at MRF

She works on carrying out cultural projects, at all stages, from the idealization to the development of the executive project, registration, monitoring, management, administration and accountability in cultural incentive laws. She also works in the direction and production of projects, large events, shows and tours in different cultural segments, such as direction, production coordination and executive production.

Eriberto Leão - FNEC Ambassador

"The circular economy and the fungi kingdom prove that everyone can win and that's how a planet is sustained, it's balance", highlights the actor and researcher.

Zig Afrodeficiente

Philosopher, Speaker and Activist for the Rights of People with Disabilities, INKLUA Spokesperson and Founder of the Collective of Black People with Disabilities - Quilombo PcD.

Priscila Oliveira

Priscila Oliveira - Sponsorship and Project Management

A journalist, she has been working for over 10 years with cultural production and consultancy for the management of incentivized sponsorship, creating social responsibility policies and monitoring actions with social impact. Researcher since 2016 on the mechanisms and results of tax incentives, she has also coordinated education, exhibitions and book production projects.

Kadmo Cortez - Vice President of Instituto Lixo Zero

Connecting academia, governments, experts and service providers to the Lixo Zero ecosystem, Mentor and National Coordinator of the Lixo Zero Cities Program (Advances Towards Sustainable Destinations), Plástico Social, Mínimo 3, created by ILZB in collaboration with recyclable collectors.

Gabriela De Toledo - Leadership in Research

Master in Environment, Water and Sanitation-MAASA-UFBA, she develops research as part of a Doctorate on Sanitation Management and the Promotion of Social and Environmental Justice. Member of the Bahia Sanitation Observatory (OSB-BA), the Sanitation and Environmental Health Group of the Environmental Engineering Department of the Federal University of Bahia and the WaterLat Network.

Yann Pellissier - Founder of Plasticaria

PhD in anthropology from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), specialized in social theory and ethnographic fieldwork, focusing on post-colonial studies of environmental issues and technological innovations. CEO of Plasticaria, a socio-environmental impact startup that creates affordable and local solutions for recycling plastic waste.

Fabíola Vasconcelos - Research Leadership

Degree in Biological Sciences from the Catholic University of Salvador. Specialist in Environmental Management and Technologies with an emphasis on Clean production. Effective employee of the State University of Bahia (UNEB).

Thainã Villar

Thainã Villar - Ambassador of Lixo Zero Brasil

Project coordinator at Ciclik, Bachelor of Laws from Faculdade Ruy Barbosa, Speaker, Ambassador of Lixo Zero Brasil, Postgraduate in MBA in ESG Management and Environment and Sustainability, environmental enthusiast.

Etenoel Santos

Etenoel Santos - Community Leadership, Municipal Culture Council and CEO of Parcec Produções

Known in the artistic world as Nenel, he began to develop activities in the artistic world as a stage manager, during the 2006 carnival in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. He founded the company Parcec Serviços e Produções, serving as General Coordinator of cultural projects in public notices and of Laws and incentives. He is currently a member of the CMPC, representing the territory of Subúrbio e Ilhas in the 2020 – 2021 biennium, of the Art and Culture Forum of the Subúrbio Ferroviário de Salvador BA.

Patrícia Nande

Patrícia Nande - Institutional Relations

Cultural manager and producer with a postgraduate degree from UNIFACS, MBA in Project Management, degree in Tourism and participant in the OBEC-Ba research group (Observatory of Creative Economy of Bahia).


Márcio Carvalho - Art Direction

Graphic Designer from the State University of Bahia and Specialist in Product Design, with extensive experience in the advertising market, where he has been CEO of Zion Propaganda for over 15 years.

isa lorena

Isa Lorena - Curation and Creative Journeys

With extensive experience in the cultural, institutional, corporate and political market, journalist Isa Lorena has been developing and executing Cultural Projects, Consultancies, Mentoring, Curatorships, Workshops and Creative Journeys for over 15 years.

Mari Lopes - CEO of Colore Cultura

Specialist in Incentive Laws, productions and a big dreamer of bringing access and possibilities to the most remote regions of this country. For this purpose, Colore was created to co-create, develop and produce projects aligned with our expectations for the future and it must be built NOW.

Tatyanna Hayne

Tatyanna Hayne - Specialist in Communication Strategy and Affirmative Agendas

Communicator, broadcaster and event producer, Tatyanna Hayne is a specialist in content marketing strategy, corporate communications, press relations and PR.

Beatriz Berman

Beatriz Berman - Social Communication and Digital Marketing

Beatriz Berman works in the field of communication, innovation and marketing strategies. Despite her young age, her professional journey has been marked by a constant search for knowledge and significant experiences. Currently, she is studying Advertising at Anhembi Morumbi University, in São Paulo, an intern at Rede Educare and a communication and engagement volunteer for the Reinventando Futuros Movement.

Adriana Feliciano

Adriana Feliciano - Audiovisual Direction

With an innovative and creative vision, Adriana is an audiovisual director who goes beyond conventional limits. Her ability to tell good stories led her to explore different forms of expression, standing out in the content production market for TV and internet. With a solid career, Adriana works in audiovisual direction, executive production, scriptwriting and content creation. Whether creating television programs, advertising or cinema, Adriana always has a humanized, innovative and connected perspective on art, culture, education, diversity and conclusion.

Walter Abreu

Walter Abreu - Photography Director

Graduated in Marketing, Walter is a Director of Photography, Still photographer and Stage Director residing in the city of Salvador – Bahia. He has experience in TV Commercials, Institutional Videos for various companies and after-sales videos for shows, events and conventions.

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